NFT data API for developers, plain and simple

Fetch powerful market insights, historical trading data, and indexed token data with our simple GraphQL API

Designed by developers
Highly expressable, easy-to-use GraphQL API
Our API makes it extremely easy to query any kind of data, whether it's a simple lookup or deeply nested. With one call, you can get the data you need.
Access indexed blockchain data
The Icy API makes it a breeze to query on-chain data. Fetch collections, tokens, traits, wallets, and more through simple calls.
Get NFT insights
We currently offer NFT sale insights that give accurate floor, average, and volume data for you to use in your application.
Reliability and uptime
Our data is depended upon by traders who need to make to-the-minute decisions. We treat system reliability with the utmost importance.
Pricing for everyone
Get up and running quickly—build in our sandbox and start getting realtime NFT data.
Up to 2,000,000 req/mo
Generous rate limits
Fully indexed ERC721 data
Powerful GraphQL API
Our complete NFT blockchain platform for more complex use cases and better economics at scale.
Unlimited requests
No rate limits
Dedicated Discord support
Everything from Starter
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It's as easy as creating an account and getting an API key.